Cheers to a special someone who had a birthday earlier this week! I was down in DC to celebrate over the weekend, and while the main event was a delicious steak dinner, we got the fun started with some specialty cocktails during happy hour.  We both love gin, and armed with a bottle of Tanqueray … Continue reading Cheers

Budget: July 18-24

The theme of the past week has been outdoors.  Highlights include a visit to the ice cream truck (for a free scoop!), lounging in parks around the city, kayaking on the Hudson, yoga at Riverside Park, a free Central Park orchestra concert, and naturally plenty of picnicking in between. I went to Trader Joe’s last … Continue reading Budget: July 18-24

Budget: July 11-17

In order to live up to the frugal part of my name, I’ve been tracking expenditures to make sure I don’t wildly overspend.  I started doing this last summer when I was an intern in DC (also an expensive city) and had virtually no wiggle room in my teensy intern-sized budget.  At the time I kept … Continue reading Budget: July 11-17

Funny Farm Pasta

The life experience of which I’m most proud is the eight month stint I spent as an intern at a small family farm in Central Virginia.  To name a few tasks, I weeded, hoed, started seedlings, transplanted starters, staked tomatoes, picked tomatoes, picked rocks (no, really), harvested all sorts of greens, and mulched.  And mulched, … Continue reading Funny Farm Pasta

Vacation’s Over

After two wonderful weeks spent mostly out of town, including celebrating a dear friend’s wedding, frolicking on the beach, and watching 4th of July fireworks from a boat, vacation is now behind me.  Back in the city, the first order of business was to at least somewhat replenish the empty refrigerator coffers.  I took stock and … Continue reading Vacation’s Over

Baking Modification

The combination of heat, craving something refreshing, and the mental image of my nearly empty refrigerator awaiting me at home had me literally doing a double take when I walked past a fruit & vegetable stand this evening and saw a “3 for $5” sign above the blueberry pints. Obviously I had to buy three … Continue reading Baking Modification