Paris, COP21, Climate change, and Hope

Week two of the Paris climate change conference is well underway and if you’re not following the action, I highly recommend the NYTimes’ comprehensive coverage as your go-to source for updates and outcomes.

The smattering of articles I’ve read (or, let’s be honest, largely skimmed) about COP21 seem to all have roughly the same tone of “we’re cautiously optimistic because there seems to be a real seriousness and political good will about these talks that was missing from past delegations, but the magnitude of change actually required for substantive emission cuts is simply so breathtaking in scope that it’s hard to imagine genuine efficacy on a global scale.”  Continue reading “Paris, COP21, Climate change, and Hope”

Thanksgiving 2015

Happy belated Thanksgiving! This post has been in draft stage for nearly a full week (where does the time go?) so I’m going to mostly post some photos of our delicious spread.


This particular Thanksgiving was memorable for two reasons: it was a turkey- (and meat-) less meal, and I also took over the meal this year. I planned the menu and was in charge of cooking! Continue reading “Thanksgiving 2015”