My neighborhood grocers

I will always have a special affinity for farmers markets. The summer after graduating from UVa was the summer that I started shopping weekly at the Cville farmers markets, befriending the farmers (especially the one and only George Cason, who founded the market back in the ’70s after running for city council solely on a “this town … Continue reading My neighborhood grocers

Food computers

A recent Lucky Peach article discusses an innovative new “food computer” that has been designed by a group at MIT. Talk about space age: the thing produces food without soil. It’s not even an aquaponic design, in which a symbiotic system provides water in which to raise fish whose waste in turn feeds plants. Instead, a computer sprays blasts … Continue reading Food computers

Labor and the Locavore

I’ve just added a new book to my reading list: Labor and the Locavore, by Margaret Gray. (Wait! I just checked my to-read book list and sure enough it’s already on there, right before The Meat Racket and right after Lethal But Legal. I’d better get cracking.) I was lucky enough to be at Lafayette College … Continue reading Labor and the Locavore