Taste of Williamsburg

New York officially wins at food festivals. There are festivals for barbecue, for oysters, for beer, for cider, benefits for non-profits… the list goes on and on. Hell, New Yorkers are so obsessed with their food that Smorgasburg takes place on Saturdays and Sundays for seven months across two boroughs and three neighborhoods and – … Continue reading Taste of Williamsburg

Making time

Life feels a little frenzied right now. Between two jobs, a lot of my hours in the week are spoken for, and things don’t show any sign of slowing down anytime soon. I at least have five guaranteed hours all to myself each week thanks to my weekday lunch breaks, though, and those have become sacred. The … Continue reading Making time

Summer’s End

Goodbye, last of the summer harvest. I’m looking at you, peaches. My summer just ended with a bang as the Singleton clan descended on Manhattan for the long weekend. We ran all over the city, all the way up from the Cloisters and down to Battery Park and even Governor’s Island. We enjoyed street musicians, … Continue reading Summer’s End

The problem with abundance

To paraphrase the brilliant Dan Barber from the episode I recently watched of The Chef’s Table (Netflix show) in which he was featured: Great cuisines of the world come out of hardship, and from less than hospitable places where peasants had to negotiate a relationship with the land. That didn’t happen in America. Here there’s … Continue reading The problem with abundance