Pantry Swap

A few days ago I had the pleasure of attending one of the most fun foodie events I’ve been to so far in NYC: New Year, New Pantry, hosted by Foodstand.  From what I gathered (in my final days as a non-smartphone user…!), Foodstand is an app that promotes a sustainable and delicious food system … Continue reading Pantry Swap

New Year’s Eve Feast

Happy New Year!  I had a restful and relaxing holiday in North Carolina that included playing card games, swimming laps, reading, working on puzzles, exploring some of Durham’s snazzy new bars and restaurants, and cooking up a pretty tasty meal on New Year’s Eve.  Kris and I offered to make dinner for my parents that night, based … Continue reading New Year’s Eve Feast

Heading South

[I wrote this post last Tuesday, December 23rd, and apparently never hit “Publish.”  D’oh!  A week plus later, here you go.] Hello from North Carolina!  It’s good to be home – especially because I haven’t visited since last Christmas.  I flew out of JFK at 8:15 this morning, but my departure started well before that, … Continue reading Heading South