Weekend of Fun

Visitors to NYC are the best.  They give me an excuse to show off the great things I love about the city, to explore or revisit parts of town that are outside my regular routine, and to indulge in plenty of delicious food and drink. Kris got here on Friday night, and I also got … Continue reading Weekend of Fun

Comfort Food

News flash: two flat tires don’t make for a good bike ride. Also, surprise, surprise, it can be difficult to successfully get to your destination via bike if you don’t actually know where said destination is. I know, I’m such a font of knowledge…! It started with an innocuous but evidently ill-fated plan to eat … Continue reading Comfort Food

Inglorious Produce

In the agriculture world, fruits and vegetables are categorized as either firsts or seconds.  Firsts are attractive and homogeneous.  Seconds are lumpy, knobby, bent, or otherwise misshapen.  Even on the small scale of that family farm where I spent a growing season – and a mere eight acres were in production at any given time … Continue reading Inglorious Produce